My Daily German

January 05, 2020

Following up on my German deep dive, here is a few resources I am commited to use in 2020 to achieve fluency. Listing them here as a self-reminder and because it might be useful for others.

1) Your Daily German.Com

My first resource recommendation is a blog. Your Daily German. Yes, a BLOG. Flashy apps like duo-lingo or memrise are good as a primer in the language but if you want to get serious about it you have to do more reading and more in-depth works much better in a blog format. Your Daily German is written by Emanuel, and is the biggest German learner blog in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy.

The interface is a little outdated and there are some quirks since it’s everything built in Wordpress, but the content is golden. Buy a membership to support them and follow them everyday.

Personal Goal: read at least one post every day.

2) Easy

So Easy German started as a YouTube Channel I think (at least I remember seeing them a few years ago already after showing up on my YouTube recs) but now they also have an amazing Podcast that you should check. They also have a parnership with a German learning ‘app’, called Seedlang .

I recommend supporting them on Patreon to enjoy the benefits of the full content they provide. It is totally worth it. The amount of effort they put into their material is amazing. The podcast has a full transcripts, vocabulary help, as well as the YouTube videos. For the YouTube videos they go even one step further and offer exercises on Seedlang for you to practice your understanding of the video. Did I also mention the videos have German AND English subtitles?

Personal Goal: Watch one YouTube video every day and do the exercises on Seedlang. Also, listen to the Podcast every week.

3) Read a novel in German

Read 2 pages of a novel in German. Together with the Audio book. And/or just the Audio Book for 20 minutes. Suggested by Emanuel.

4) Read a technical Book or article in German

Also 2 pages a day. Anything in Data Science or related IT-field.

5) placeholder

To be updated soon. Was sonst noch…?

Written by @rudbektango who lives in the outer rim of the galaxy. You should follow him on Twitter